Do you send your teas in a metal box?

In order to protect nature and support a sustainable life, our products are delivered in reusable tin boxes.


Teas vary in volume due to their structure. The mixture you purchase may look different depending on the content of the tea. However, one serving of tea weighs between 3-5 grams on average. All our products are 5% more than the weight you prefer when you purchase.

I want to know where my order is?

To find out the status of your order, you can write your order information in the order tracking section in the menu and find out the current status of your order.

How does your sponsorship system work?

First of all, our sales team and human resources teams research the person, institution and organization for which sponsorship is requested. If it meets the necessary requirements, an agreement is reached with the authorized person.

I want to try your teas, but my condition is not suitable.

Dear tea lover, we may face difficult situations at various points in our lives. As La Diplomatie, we will try to help this situation as much as we can. Since this process may create a situation prone to abuse, we request an email to explaining the products you requested. Your requests will be evaluated and I will send them when the request order becomes available.

I want to place a wholesale order

Hello, for your wholesale orders, you can visit and order at advantageous prices.

We Want to Help You

If you think you cannot find the answer to the question you are looking for, please contact us and we will respond within seconds.